This website is dedicated to the enhancement of beach drainage technology – too long the Cinderella of coastal protection. Most visitors to this site will be familiar with the ugly sisters that adorn beaches around the world – technologies that try to protect land based assets but at the cost of amenity values, natural character and often the beach its-self.
BD technology (also known as beach face dewatering or the coastal drain) can provide a ‘soft engineering’ erosion solution for fine to medium grained beaches where protection of environmental values and beach amenity are high priorities.
European BD proponents may dispute the Cinderella metaphor. They have made great advances in the last few years with the scientific monitoring of many new projects now in place. But Shoregro’s focus is not in Europe so a large part of our effort must be on public education and technology validation. BD has suffered over the last 20 years – not so much from bad press – but from the lack of press. The original business model, developed after many years of piloting in Denmark, tended to stifle independent analysis and technology development. Peer approval ratings have suffered as a consequence. We hope to put this right.
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